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Here at The Ink Factory we answer a lot of questions that are asked regarding our products and what certain terms mean.

This section will explain everything you need to know about our product, our process, and our business.

What's the difference between Remanufactured and Original Inkjets & Toners?

A REMANUFACTURED (TIF) inkjet & toner is a product that has been used once and recycled to its original state to be used once again. It will contain all of the original features that it had in the beginning but will be sold at a cheaper price. An ORIGINAL (OEM) inkjet & toner is a product that is manufactured by the brand name supplier. Typically, these products will be sold at a higher price tag.

What's the difference between Refilled and Recycled?

A REFILLED cartridge is when a company will obtain an old, used inkjet cartridge and will take a series of syringes and needles pre-loaded with ink and poke a hole in the top of the cartridge. They will then inject the cartridge with the ink and seal the hole with a sticker. Most of the time these inkjets will not work correctly or will stop working after a limited time. A RECYCLED cartridge is when a company will obtain old, used inkjet cartridges and will test each and every cartridge to see which can be re-used. Once they find the re-usable cartridge, they will refill the inkjets internally by disassembling the cartridge, cleaning the insides and essentially refilling the cartridge in a very similar process to an original cartridge.

Is it safe to use Remanufactured Inkjets & Toners?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. Our inkjets & toners have been tested to make sure that all functions work correctly.

How do our prices compare to the prices of Original cartridges?

On average our remanufactured inkjet & toner prices are anywhere from 40-45% discount compared with original cartridges.